Root in Taiwan・Looking forward to the world

STE provides advanced smart storage product and high quality of OEM and ODM services. We are established by a superior team with highly enthusiasm and ambitious but built on modest attitude. Pursuing the outstanding on professionalism and quality is our ultimate longing. STE never gives up when facing any difficult situation. In order to solve the problems and bring the finest solutions to our clients, we keep striving ourselves to be the best. The professionalism and service quality of STE are always recognized by the clients from past to now.

“Root in Taiwan, Looking forward to the world“ is the spirit of STE which drives us to build the wonder land of industry. We hope to meet and co-operate with more like-minded manufacturers for creating a miracle future of the world.

Our company logo is designed to be combined by a shield and a pair of wings.

The shield means indestructible quality and the best service.
The wings from eagle stands for the ambitious to fly high and the determination to be the top industrial manufacturer of the world .