A Projection of Worldly Vision from Taiwan

STE Co. was founded by an outstanding technical team all of whom are highly aspired and motivated to further elevate, and contribute to, the automation industry with humility and uncompromising pursuit of technical and quality excellence for our perseverance to provide our industry partners the best automation solution of which our technical prowess and quality delivery has consistently received industry-wide recognition.

With the perseverance in pursuing the objective of “A Projection of Worldly View“ in mind, STE advances along with its partners from various industries in achieving our common goal while hoping to have more industry partners who share our view to work together for a bright common future.

The STE corporate logo completely reflects the expectation and vision of our company in the automation industry.​​​​​​​

The corporate logo consists of a shield, a set of wings and the letters STE, which respectively represents the resolve in providing superior technical support, and the determination to soar to new height in the technology prowess and capacity.