2019/06/26 ◆Declaration // STE Smart Storage, a equipment provides low cost but high efficiency.


The warehouse automation management of industry is a key agenda in improving factory efficiency, as the cost of manpower, raw materials, electricity and usable land are growing higher and higher each year, so the application in planning automatic logistic and warehouse would be a the most important trend in current factory cost control practices.

As STE’s “Smart Storage” solution and its “Goods-to-person” concept, targets the needs for automation storage equipment for small and medium enterprises, as it features space-saving, quick goods pick-up, protective sensor, and multiplexed operation, to satisfy low-cost and high-performance investments, as its premium quality performance has been adopted by many public companies in Taiwan.

As pointed out by STE’s General Manager, Mr. Y.Y. Lee, STE’s “Automatic Smart Storage” solution represents the collective practical and service experiences of close to 17 years backed up by strong research and development team, from which many core technologies have been accumulated in its broad applications in industries such as display panel, semiconductor, electronic components, electronic circuit board manufacturing and smart automation domains.

According to Mr. Y.Y. Lee, given the market status of Taiwan’s automated storage, it mostly remains in the pallet-based level complemented by access by forklifts, and STE’s “Automated Smart Storage” solution can collect mega data for industry analysis in aid of the introduction of Industry 4.0, as the main difference between automatic storage and smart storage lies in the depth and the breadth of the data collected. Given the current customer insight by the existing Taiwanese automatic storage vendors, it is mostly to cater for large corporation or those with large scale shipment traffic in and out of storage, so only the enterprises with large space and budget may afford such solution, therefore that excludes most of the Taiwan’s enterprises which are predominantly small and medium in size, since they do not have large space and high budget, therefore, it would be a shame for them to be excluded out of this market, and that would be our goal for the Taiwan market which is to broaden the user base in Taiwan for automatic storage which could cluster to achieve a wider scale of Industry 4.0 implementation. All are welcomed to visit STE to have the first-hand experience of the automated smart storage performances.