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Carousel Smart Storage

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  • Our promoting of automatic equipment is already been16 years in Taiwan, in the early days, the company is involve in automatic equipment that made by Semiconductor factory and Panel factory, as the world are responding in response to industry 4.0, the Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. Is also promoting the intelligence storage devices in Taiwan, we consider that during a company upgrade the automatic storing process, the intelligence storing is playing an important role, it’s the first step towards the industry 4.0, when you have the automatic equipment like intelligence storage, you can slowly expanding and step by step to achieve to industry 4.0. Observing the current Taiwan automatic storage marketing situation, mostly staying using the pallet as storing unit, arrange with Forklift for the storing, but intelligence storing of the Smart Equipment Co. can collecting large amount of data in a Comprehensive way, and those large amount of data can provide the company for the analysis, helping introduce of industry 4.0, the difference of automatic storing and intelligence storing is collecting data more comprehensively and broadly. The orientation of company of automatic storing in the current Taiwan, mostly are large company or those have large amount of importing or exporting goods, you can using automatic storing if you have big space and big budget, but most of the company in Taiwan is medium to small size , middle and small company want to upgrade their storing update system to automatic, but due to no large space and budget, they force to cancel the thoughts, its really unfortunately, so we like to promoting the automatic devices in Taiwan, helping more company who would like to automatic and step towards industry 4.0 together.

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What is rotating intelligence storing ?