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Vertical Smart Storage

  • Model:.
  • The vertical smart storage using the tray as the unit for goods delivery. The central extractor transports the requested tray either directly to the access opening or back to an available storage location within the unit at high speed with a touch of a button or by scanning a barcode. This intelligent storage device can be used in a wide range of applications for the storage of a variety of goods, such as stationery, cutter, parts, spare parts, medication, mold, important documents, etc. The STE vertical smart storage is suitable for all kinds of industry like mechanical , electronic , car , logistics , food , publication , medical , petrochemical ,instrumentation, aviation, etc.

Product Introduction

 What is Vertical  Storage?

In smart storage, the tray is the basic unit of goods delivery in and out of the storage through the access window. By the central extractor device inside the smart storage, the tray is transported to a suitable position with reasonably calculated space, and so is retrieving process. The smart storage is flexible to store any type of goods, such as hand tools, machine parts, metal cutting cutter, spare parts, mold template, die block, important documents, electrical material, medical material, medicine, aviation industrial material, food products, instruments and meters, etc.

 Traditional  Storage vs. Smart Storage


 Storage Dimensions

 Technical Data

 Environmental Requirement

1.Ground level requirement : ±3mm
2.Working temperature range : -10
3.Allowable humidity range : <80%, no condensation.
4.Weight-bearing limit of the ground (as shown in the table above).

 Smart Storage Components

 System Framework