2020/11/03 鈞曜科技的智慧倉儲解決方案,是商品物料管理需求者智慧化的第一選擇

『智慧科技導入企業顛覆傳統 ! 省時省力提升產業價值』
#智慧倉儲 解決方案,是商品物料管理需求者智慧化第一選擇 !

此次有幸承蒙資策會訪問報導於【僑委會電子媒體第六期】讓 #鈞曜科技 嶄露,另兩家露出為菁英電腦與永聯物流,希望我們都能為大家貢獻心力,帶領各位邁向新世代 !


If your business is not in high demand of logistics but in need of storage planning and efficient traffic flow of stored items, STE’s smart storage solution is your first choice for storing raw materials, components, and products. STE provides end-to-end services according to clients’ products, material types, factory sizes and surrounding environment, specifications, bearing weight, and other needs. Synergistic benefits, customization feature, high quality along with standardization, and visualized products provided by STE through its smart storage solution can get itself over 200 inquiry calls every year.

鈞曜科技開發出自行製造的垂直式和旋轉式倉儲解決方案,以拖盤為單位、多種規格的標準化尺寸,依客戶需求與規格,設計與拼接出像積木一樣客製化與彈性的智慧倉儲,在設備面向:鈞曜的智慧倉儲設備水平、垂直、旋轉式升降都不是問題,密閉空間可避免塵照,具備單一操作口提升安全性; 在操作面向:鈞曜科技提倡「貨到人」的概念,操作員以帳密管理存貨、拿貨,每次的操作、規格與品項,會自動被系統儲存,系統並在下次操作時會自動調整規格,再者,鈞曜科技的智慧倉儲管理系統,透過智慧裝置與設備上的面板,讓客戶即時掌握整個倉儲場域與各個設備的物料狀況、產品進出記錄、並可追蹤與分析歷史數據。

STE has successfully developed its vertical and carousel smart storage solutions. Both solutions apply the tray as the unit in order to meet every client’s needs and can be designed and puzzled into customized storage facilities. On the equipment side, both vertical and carousel smart storage provide all kinds of movement and enclosed space for dust-free purpose. Single operation desk for each smart storage unit also increases safety and efficiency for staff. On the operation side, STE provides smart storage management system along with its storage facilities in pursuit of “product-to-you” instead of “you-to-product.” Staff operate the storage with individual account number and password which automatically records every movement, process, and item you take out and put in. STE’s total solutions with smart storage facilities and management system allow you to monitor your entire storage space and operation.